CJ-Optik Flexion Microscope Family

The CJ-Optik Microscope Family includes:
The BASIC, The Advanced, The Advanced-SU (Sensor Unit), and The TWIN

All CJ-Optik Microscopes incorporate the unique ‘MonoGlobe’ rotation allowing positioning in any direction. The ErgoTube Beam Splitter has a north-south orientation. As such the HD/4k optics and camera body act as a counter balance for effortless movement and positioning of the Microscope.

CJ-Optik Microscopes offer the ability to use most HD/4K cameras i.e. Sony, Canon etc., Tell us what camera body you prefer and we have the appropriate optic for you! The power supply and signal cable for your camera are integrated in the Microscope body. No more messy cables!

All Microscopes (optional with Basic) are available with a VarioObjective either f=200-350 mm or f=210-470mm.
The CJ-TWIN offers a ‘Fluorescence & Polarization’ mode for caries detection.
All CJ-Optik Microscopes are available as a: Floor, Wall or Ceiling Mount.

German Design Award Special 2017

German Design Award

CJ-Optik Flexion is an innovative dental microscope for use in all disciplines of the dental field, such as endodontic and aesthetic treatment. The Flexion is the world’s first microscope with integrated LED illumination for use with a 4K DSLM camera, iPad connection and a medical monitor with power supply from the microscope. The patented new MonoGlobe movement system allows the smooth positioning of the head into any position and delivers a perfect workflow.

Jury Statement:
A high-performance high-tech product with a very progressive and contemporary design.

Special Mention:
Excellent Product Design / Medical

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