MicroMed International offers a range of high-quality Karl Kaps Germany Standard and HD Video Colposcopes which play a crucial role in the early diagnosis of pre-invasive and invasive epithelial changes to the genital tract. Worldwide, there are approximately half a million women who develop a carcinoma each year with half of these resulting in mortality. It has been shown that the risk of developing cervical cancer can be reduced through prevention and early detection with the help of colposcopy.

Karl Kaps Germany Colposcopes ensure a three dimensional image through excellent optics, multiple zoom levels and a first-rate lighting system, thereby allowing a reliable early diagnosis which can help with an effective therapy.


Ergonomic Design
User-friendly design
Ergonomically positioned drives for setting the height, focus and angle enable it to be positioned with millimeter accuracy
Simple replacement of eyepieces and objective lenses
Brilliant Optics
Crystal clear images, high resolution details
Natural colours (apochromatic optics)
Parallel beam path (optical path and lighting)
Different zoom levels provide a general overview at low magnification and clear detail recognition at higher magnification

Comfortable Stands
Mobile Stands
Mounted on examination chairs
Small footprint and stability
Bright Illumination Choices
Coaxial cold light illumination
Direct halogen lighting
Direct LED lighting
All lightings offer consistent true colour illumination and make anatomical structures/ blood vessels clearly visible.

Upgrade Options
With additional photo and video adaptors, standard colposcopes can be easily and quickly upgraded to photo/ video colposcopes.
This allows for documentation of medical findings with a standard unit.
Durability & Laser Adaptation
Equipped with a high quality metal housing which is characterised by a long service life.
By adapting a laser system for use with the colposcope, this opens up a gentle process for removing diseased tissue

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