Karl Kaps Germany SOM 42 Colposcope

Karl Kaps Germany SOM 42 Colposcope

The Karl Kaps Germany SOM 42 Colposcope is specially tailored to the needs of routine daily gynaecological examinations with successful diagnosis and treatment. The ergonomic design results in fatigue-free working for the user. The outstanding optics with brilliant, three-dimensional images and a large depth of eld increase the success rate of correct diagnosis.

The Karl Kaps Germany SOM 42 Colposcope can be fitted on the left or right hand side of all common examination chairs and tables with various holders.

Accurate positioning is ensured through the combination of a pan arm and a swivel arm. This ensures convenient and timesaving handling. When not in use, the colposcope can be put away to the side. Due to its swivel arm, it takes up very little space.

The Karl Kaps Germany SOM 42 Colposcope is a modular system. You can create your individual colposcope for your own particular application. The modular system allows easy subsequent adaptation of an extensive range of accessories. Naturally, you can equip your SOM colposcope with a digital camera, a video system or an endoscopic camera. The adaptation of laser systems is also not a problem.

Extensive Range of Accessories

  • Choice of various lighting systems
  • Swing-in green filter
  • 3-step, 5-step magnification changer or manual/motorised zoom
  • Choice of straight or inclined tube
  • Interchangeable objective lenses and eyepieces
  • From 5-fold magnification changer onwards, an aperture for increased depth of field is optionally available
  • Motorised zoom (zoom and focus)
  • Integrated “vision” camera system
  • Adaptation to laser systems of leading manufacturers


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