Karl Kaps Germany SOM 62 Advanced – Plastic Surgery

Karl Kaps Germany SOM 62 Advanced – Plastic Surgery

The Karl Kaps Germany SOM 62 Microscope - Advanced - is a multidisciplinary applicable fully motorised microscope and is suitable for every kind of plastic surgeries. Karl Kaps Germany operating microscopes combines easy and exact positioning, outstanding illumination with a bright high contrast as well as a optical quality. All accessories can be integrated later on. It is available in a floor stand solution with either a star or H-base.

Full motorised functions

  • The compact size enables a short working distance for the surgeon to the operating field and is user friendly as well immediately ready to work.
  • An additional advantage delivers the 0-210° binocular swivel tube, beyond that all control elements are easy to reach.
  • The apochromatic 1:6 zoom system provides a crisp and crystal clear image with high transmission and natural colours. It offers in combination with the motorised fine focus high user comfort.
  • The multifunction control unit permits the surgeon to control almost all of the functions such as zoom, focus and XY without having to remove their hands from the operative field.
  • All adjustments are done within seconds by simple knobs.
  • The integrated XY coupling allows movement changing of the microscope head, with one push on the centre button the head goes into the centre position and the microscope is prepared for the next surgery.

Small suspension systems

  • The mobile stand with its large castors and brakes can be easily moved from one room to the other.
  • For OR rooms with smaller space there is ceiling mounting version with a high action radius available.

Easy surgery

  • Place your microscope head in its standby position and the illumination is automatically switched off.
  • Bring the system into its using position again and the light comes back on again. This saves you time and reduces your consumption of halogen bulbs.

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