Karl Kaps Germany 45° ergonomic wedge with beam splitter and turntable

Karl Kaps Germany 45° ergonomic wedge with beam splitter and turntable

The Karl Kaps Germany 45° wedge with beam splitter and binocular turntable represents an unbeatable  combination for a high level of convenience at the workplace.

The Kaps 45° ergonomic wedge, including binocular turntable, is ideal to prevent especially dentist from back or neck problems. The user always sits comfortably in an upright, ergonomically correct position and can work in a much more relaxed way.

Even with varying working positions, or if the microscope is pivoted away to the side, the user always keeps the patient in focus. A simple hand movement and the preferred working position can be assumed again. The neck and back are noticeably relieved.

The 45° ergonomics wedge with beam splitter is simply inserted between the magnifying changer/ zoom and binocular turntable.It is available in the following options:

  • 45° ergonomics wedge unilateral 50:50
  • 45°ergonomics wedge unilateral 80:20
  • 45°ergonomics wedge bilateral 50:50/ 80:20

The binocular turntable provides the following features & benefits:

  • The low height of just 20 mm ensures a minimal extension of the microscope head
  • It weighs only 240 g. This means that no harmful interference occurs during handling of the microscope
  • The rotation angle is ± 24° and is rasterized in 4 x 6° steps
  • With the clamping screw, locking of the position is possible in any position
  • It is always possible to adapt all Kaps microscopes at a later point
  • An adaptation of competitor models is also possible


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